1:Summarize your favorite song in a few sentences and why it's your favorite
    2:Do you believe history repeats itself?
    3:IF you could see just one thing in your future, what would you look at?
    4:Would you rather spend the rest of your life regretting something you did or regretting that you didn't do it?
    5:Have you ever given up on something important to you?
    6:When was the last time you were dramatically relieved?
    7:Describe an inanimate object that is significant to you personally
    8:Do you have a hard time forgiving?
    9:Describe your 5 favorite parts of your significant other, or describe 5 important traits you would look for significant other.
    10:How do you try to live your life?
    11:Do you search for the best in people or look at them more realistically?
    12:What gets you through a rough day?(someone, a hobby, music,etc.)
    13:Be loved by another and not love them in return? Or love another and not be loved by them in return?
    14:How do you think is the best way to achieve happiness?
    15:Are you worried currently? In regards to what?
    16:What pushes you to be better?
    17:What is your biggest goal or dream currently?How Are you working to achieve it?
    18:What is your biggest passion?
    19:Something or someone you couldn't live without?
    20:Does the future scare you?
    21:Does the past haunt you?
    22:Would you break someone's trust if it ended up greatly helping them in the long run?
    23:Do you believe in love?
    24:Is there someone you desire currently?
    25:If you were to run away where would you go?
    26:What surroundings make you feel best (setting, weather, clothes)
    27:where or when is your "happy place"?
    28. If you could change yourself anyway, would you? How so?
    29:what is something out of your control that makes you upset?
    30:do you put other people's happiness before your own?
    31:Do you trust easily?
    32:what's your favorite day dream?
    33:do you like the person that you are?
    34:do you honestly and truly hate anyone?
    35:Currently, are you overall happy?
Anonymous: beca woundt be happy with how ur playin her 


Seriously this is getting old.

 A) Becca woudn’t be happy with your spelling. 

B) Becca woudn’t be happy with the fact that you are bullying people in this RP. 

C) THIS IS AN AU RP. Christ. Now GTFO. 

Anonymous: kittys suposed to be bitchy not nice 


Alternate Universe. 

Alternate Universe

aLternate universe??????


Anonymous: u suck at playin kitty 


I think I’m an okay Kitty. This is an AU, so yeah..  :( 


Kitty.. I need help… I-I’m in te hospital because… I-I gotstabbed by a someone… Jake is unconscious I think a-and Finn in missing.. A-and I don’t know what to do.. I’m my okay. I’m not fine. I don’t know what is happening. Everything is going wrong.

I-I..What? Do you want me to come to NY? 

I’m so confused…

What happened to RaeRae and Jake?